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Andrea + Richard's Hollywood Marryoke - I Gotta Feeling

Shot at the awesome Ringwood Hall Hotel as well as their pre wedding shoot, this is Andrea and Richard's Hollywood Marryoke, I gotta Feeling, by the Black Eyed Peas. It was tricky enticing guests out on a cold January morning but thanks to the knockout performances the the couple gave, this one really sets the 2019 bar high for this season.

New for 2019 - FREE Bonus content

With the 2019 wedding season fast approaching and the dates filling up fast we thought we’d fill you all in on what new plans we have for this year. All Ultimate marryokes booked will now include the Hollywood style green screen as a FREE optional extra. This means we can drop in a different backdrop and add any visual effects to make your video look that bit more professional. Did we mention that it’s FREE.

Yo’ll also get a printable music flyer style mini poster too, completely free. If you want all the uncut footage so you can edit together your own marryoke or embarrass your friends.

Kim & Cliff

Marry You is one of the best marryoke song choices you can make. It ticks so many boxes, the song title says it all really, the lyrics are very expressive and open to visual interpretation and finally it's uptempo melody is so infectious. It's also a modern classic that most people at least know a little bit of, which always helps. 

Both of these played a part in Kim and Cliff's special day and some superb performances (Kim & the bridesmaids, i'm looking at you) helped make this one a joy to film and edit. 

Beaujolais Hoedown 2017

I've never had so many willing people queuing to perform in all the years i've been filming Partyokes. The girls at the Beaujolais Hoedown didn't disappoint and were raring to perform the moment I walked through the door. All of them were dressed up in western themed costumes and had been drinking for a good few hours. With my little speaker it was going to be tough for the girls to hear the song with a live band playing, never mind perform to the music, so I moved as far away as I could from the dance floor, all the way into what seemed like the broom cupboard at the back of the building. 

It didn't matter, the two hours flew by with a constant flow of girls coming into my little area, belting out Shania Twain's classic 'Man, I feel Like a Woman'. The final video is hilarious and packed full of as many performances as I could squeeze in, enjoy.

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