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Amy & Josh

It's so refreshing to have a groom get behind the marryoke concept. Too often we are confronted by camera shy guys who blame the wife (to be) for getting them involved and don't really commit to the marryoke process, at least until they get a few beers in them. 

Not so in this case, with Amy and the girls awesome performances in the bag I can confess to being more than a little surprised by Josh's knockout performance when I arrived at the gorgeous Great Barn near Titchfield Abbey.

Here's their marryoke in all its glory, watch this space for the couple's wedding highlights and first dance, coming soon.

Included as part of our 'Ultimate Marryoke' package are the couples wedding highlights or 'best bits' as we like to call them, set to Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran.

The final part of the package is the first dance highlights where the couple take to the floor and reflect back over the day. Beautiful.

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